Wednesday, 2 April 2014

25 things to do before you turn 25!!!

Life is short and we are also getting busier with time. Work, family, kids, travel, peer group, boss etc, each takes single calories from our body and nothing is left for oneself. So here is my list of 25 things that one should do before one turns 25. Never miss them, as you might not be able to do once you are in the full life cycle. If you are waiting for good time, then do them now as probably you may never get a chance to do them again. So what are you waiting for, check the list and start planning.

25: Do not get married. 
Yes, I start the list by a “do not” thing. No matter how close you are to your partner, never settle before 25. Life has just begun and there would be many desirable things you would love to try but marriage could stop you to try.

24: Try bungee jumping or sky diving or any other extreme sport.
Test your adrenaline by doing some extreme sports before you turn 25. Try to win the fear within yourself. 

23: A naked run on a nude beach. 
Yes, it’s a completely different experience at nude beach and you may end-up loving your body more after a prideful walk over there.

22: Make peace with your family.
Yes, you are no more a teen or brad anymore. Be mature and make peace with your family for all the problems you caused them when you were teen. Be mature to acknowledge their great presence in your life.

21: Get drunk in club and puke there on the floor. 
Yes, I mean it. You would not remember anything from that night but for sure you would remember everything after you puked.

20: Kiss completely strange person. 
There are some steps we take with intuition. So why not try to kiss someone randomly. Study says people enjoy kiss from strangers even more.

19: Weekend drive away into countryside alone. 
Perhaps best way to understand our mind is by being alone. And driving alone in countryside with no plan is greatest gift you can give to yourself. You would now more about yourself by the end of the trip.

18: Hitchhiking. 
People say it can be dangerous but how can you miss the fun of traveling with someone unknown for some time. 

17: Go bald. 
We love our hair, but we can try to go bald once in our lifetime and why miss this opportunity before you turn 25.

16: Get a  tattoo: 
You might not like it but expressing yourself through tattoo can make you happier. Try just small one but do get a tattoo.

15: Date a person from another country. 
Don’t miss a chance to date that hot girl in your campus or that hot guy you met on your exchange studies. Sometime dating someone from different country can give you new perspective about many things. It it sounds cool too :D

14: Get a 0 in any exam: 
Well, when all try to score perfect, how about scoring 0 in a test. You can boast your entire life that you were that person who scored big O in Maths or science or literature.

13: Try online dating: 
Hey, I know most of you must have tried this but even if you didn’t then try at least once. You would see so much strange things happen but sometime it can be something that you would cherish for your life.

12: Party all night, Party all night: 
Drink, Dance, Smoke and Flirt but do not end the party before sunrise. No matter how hard it is for you, but do not pass 25 age without partying all night once.

11. Cry out loud in deserted place: 
No matter how good we are doing, we have some displeasure, problems, issues that haunt us. Sometime we do not share these with others and keep them secret. They always haunt us so to stop them. Just go to a deserted place and cry out loudly. It would make you feel good about yourself and relieve all unwanted pressure.

10. Visit your high school once after you complete it: 
Those years would not come back, but just visit your school once and relive the best time of your life again for one day.

9: Travel to India: 
You can’t work in chaos or you dislike noise or you lack concentration or you are searching peace or looking for spirituality enlighten. I bet no country fits into the profile as India does. It can be a life changing experience for you. Each day would be a learning experience for you. It would be a very challenging experience but never miss it.

8. Using Couchsurfing to stay in a new city: 
It is probably the best way to know about a city. Just stay for few nights at a Couchsurfing host. These unknown people may be the best assets while travel. Just search an exciting host next time you travel.

7. Learn a music instrument: 
Are you excited to meet a girl who plays a guitar or a guy who plays violin? If yes, then do not miss any chance to learn one instrument by yourself. Music is the best language in silence. Hence a music instrument can become your best friend while you are alone. Just pick any one and start practicing it.

6. Learn a new language: 
I love French language when I listen to French girls. Ohhh damn but I can’t speak French. Do you want to be in same condition? According to many researches, local people are friendly when you communicate with them in native language, later you can shift to English but if you initiate with local language, they seem to be more helpful. So why not learn a new language.

5. Do one thing meaningful and yet not for you. 
Try to help some stranger or teach poor kids. Do something to give back to the society and nature after taking so much for last 25 years. It would give you pleasure that no materialistic things can give.

4. Learn cooking: 
No matter where you go, you would need cooking skills. Do not embarrass yourself when International friends ask you to cook some delicious food from your country. Learn something famous from your country, city or region with your home made recipe.

3. Make Coffee and breakfast for Parents: 
Thank them in a subtle way for all you got in your life with a cup of coffee in Morning.

2. Attend music festival at least once: 
There are hundreds of music festivals around the Globe. Do go to at least one music festival once before you turn 25. Music is one of the most beautiful language so why to miss it.

1. Back Pack Europe: 
No wonder it tops the list. It is in itself a long list of exciting things to do. You can do most of the things listed above if you plan European trip. Travel through countries by Trains. Use hostels to see the night life of Amsterdam or Paris. Go to crazy parties and eat delicious yet cheap food in Eastern Europe.

My checklist: 15 
In next one year: 5 more

What about you???

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Drink, Drink and Drink ..... loose yourself in Student Erasmus...

After Food, lets move to drink...

So, we ate a lot in our last post:

Now coming on to the next pillar, lets talk about Drinks. Now all of you who think that I went only for drinks in Europe, please consider this " I Do not Drink any Alcohol". So just do not interpret Drinks as only Alcohol.But yes this blog is on famous drinks that you should never miss while travelling in Europe. 

First let my introduce to 3 drinks that should not be missed in Europe:

1. Bourgogne  Wine and famous Wine festivals in the region. Now as an nondrinker, I can not give you the real feeling but from my friends experiences I can say that you would love these Red Wines from the city of Mustard. 

Like they say " Tres Bien" . This is classic or ahhhhaa fantastic. Guys, if you want to impress your date bring a bottle of Red Wine from here.

2. Local Beer in Brussels: I have always heard of Germany known for beer but friends, if you are in Brussels then do try the local beer brewed by some monks in the city. It is really worth trying. 

3. Sangria: A glass of sangria and volleyball with hot chicks on the Barcelona beach is enough for you to spend a weekend or even week in my favorite destination of Europe. 

Now do BamJam, BamJam. All those dirty minds here thinking something please do not over think. I am not talking about Bam Bam here but BamJam is one of the finest Bar in the City of Dijon. So be prepared to party like animals in your holidays. 

Each day should be a different party day for you. Do google search and find the best places to drink in the City. If you do good job you could find some best and cheap places to enjoy and get drunk and get  ****. I had my best evenings with my super cool friends in different Places. We partied like every other nights and in the end the Bar and Clubs knew us. We tried all Bar and clubs in Dijon like BamJam, Chat Noir, Salsa Pelpe and Hit Club. 

Literally I had fun there, all my friend reading this would know what I am talking about :)

If you are in France and do not go to any of the many Wine Festivals then you are a real ***. I had an opportunity to go to this small but equally wonderful Wine trip to a small village called Corgoloin near Beaune City (also known ass Wine Capital of France). This festival is held during last weekend of January and you can taste different kind of Wines from different regions of France at single place in just 15 euros (Confirm the latest Price) and also French Cheese direct from Farms. 

So if Clubs and Bar only place to drink?

No, a big No. Well we partied every 2 night in the Clubs and on other nights we partied in our Dormitory. Well of you think dormitories are only for study then you are wrong there. Infact my most memorable incident happened in my Dormitory after we were drunk.

Here it is:

I bought some Indian sweets and invited others for Indian Night at my place. We agreed to watch an Indian Movie and eat and drink together. As an India it was my responsibility to promote Bollywood of whom, We are really proud of. So we decided to see a  Rom-Com movie and as usual it had dance, romance (not behind the tree my friend), and blah blah. We had pretty fun till all were drunk and suddenly we heard fire alarm. As we cam out to evacuate we saw one of my friend actually doing it. It was more funny when other friend came with the CO2 cylinder to stop fire. This was all slapstick situation as other people started gathering out. We just ran away from the building and acted as even we were shocked. It took some time for the management to clear building was safe and people were already cursing the unknown people for such act as it was 3 AM in Morning and it was chilly outside.

P.S: Please do not try this at your building and even if you do, do not be inspired from us :P

Just before getting crazy

I still poke this friend of mine and talk about the incidence and she feels sorry for it :) Haha this inspired my other friend to repeat same again in my building just 2 days before I left for India. 
Haha Diane, this picture is Legendary

So drinks bring you closer to your friend. It adds new story to relish and keep those memories in you forever. It helps you find know what i mean. It helps you enjoy and it keeps you comfortable in the chilly winters. So drink party enjoy in your student Erasmus. It comes once in your life.

Happy Drinking.

Do write your stories here...

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Half Baked Voices: Travel Guides in India

This is a blog on Guides and greeters in India. Just re-blogging it here. If anyone interested in Indian visit, you should read this. It also talks about my Greeter network in India called You and India. I thank Half baked beans and Rohan Kalia for covering me.

Half Baked Voices: Travel Guides in India:
Travelling is fun but when you travel  in an alien land, you need a guide. No matter h...

Friday, 13 September 2013

Fun of choosing small city for Student Exchange

Why to choose Small European City for Student Exchange?

I saw an article today on internet. The article intrigued me because it said Paris is not the most preferred city for International Students for studies in France.

Partially I new why they wrote the article but still I went to read the whole article and to my shock Paris was not in even top 10 cities.

Here are the cities preferred by International students in France:
1. Grenoble
2. Toulouse
3. Montpellier
4. Nantes
5. Aix-En-Provence
6. Bordeaux 
7. Lyon
8. Rennes
9. Lille
10. Nice

Now the question is why Paris, paradise for lovers, ultimate city for art lover, fashion panache is missing in the list. I guess I know the answer, not from any research but from my personal experience from my own student exchange in Dijon, again a small city.

Let me put some points to put some weight to my belief.

1. Smaller the city, more friendly people are: Yes it is true. France is known for rich culture and proud language. But it is also true that this  is limited to big urban city. People in smaller cities are humble and nice. They have time to help you even of they  do not much English. 

Here is what I experienced on my first day to school. I was lost at a small square known as Place Darcy in Dijon. I could not find the direction and the bus route to my School so I asked this lady. This generous lady tried to help me but when all failed she asked me to come along and waited for 5 minutes at the Bus Stop for right bus and helped me get in. It was a pleasant scene as she seemed to be busy but took time to help me. 

2. Smaller the city, more pocket friendly: Yes, this is the biggest factor for students. Where can you get student accommodation for 200 Euros in France, free club entry, food under 5 Euros, cheap pubs etc. Life in Smaller cities is much pocket friendly than any big city. 

3. Easy to travel in City: Dijon was so small that we could travel from one end to other in just one hour. There is another fun travelling without any eyes watching you, people around you etc. We could go to the lake Kir in Dijon (on the extreme end) like every weekend  because it was more convenient. Transportation is quite easy.

4. Better student life: With around 33% of the city population students, Dijon had great student life. This is same in many other cities in France and Europe. There were many places to eat, drink, hang out, sit, talk etc exclusively for students.

5. Safety: Where can you walk with your female friends at 4 am in night without any fear. You meet fellow students on road and they offer you drink, you take a sip and again follow your path. This is life after midnight in these cities. Never miss them

So guys and girls do pack your bag for exciting student exchange, but choose a small city if you really want to enjoy it. You can still travel to big cities for weekends but do not choose big cities. And If you are non-European student then I would say choose European city for student exchange. No country can provide you such vibrant culture and options as Europe as whole can.

Happy Erasmus
Happy Exchange :)

Friday, 6 September 2013

Five Pillars of Student Exchange: Food, Drink, Dance, Travel and Community

How to try different cuisines from all over World without trying any restaurants?

There is an ongoing debate on putting end to Erasmus funds. I guess this is the most absurd thought, I have heard in the 21st century against any cultural and education development. I guess they should instead  promote more and more such programs involving even more Asian and African Countries. 

It is only here where you would see an Indian student dancing on a Spanish songs with his Mexican friends drinking German beer in a French Club. Erasmus is not just sharing knowledge through students exchange it is beyond that. 

For me Erasmus or any other student exchange is an idea of cultural exchange, thought exchange. It is an exchange of ideas, revolution and business. I have seen any people generating ideas and converting it into a business plan. Where can we see such amalgamation of novelty with such sophistication. 

But I would not make this post a boring one but would like to keep it simple and share my experiences on Erasmus in Dijon, France. I hope you all would love it.

Indian dinner cooked by me. It was my first attempt at cooking for such a large group. 

For me Erasmus was an experience of life time and would love to relive it once again. I have identified 5 pillars of Erasmus. These pillars join you with others through culture, heritage, knowledge, likeness attraction.These are:

1. Food: You would get chance to experience different cuisines from different countries prepared by students and not in any Restaurants. 
2. Drink: no Erasmus can complete without you being drunk with local drinks or with some friend's favourite that they bought from home. 
3. Dance: My favourite. I went as a idiot dance but came back with lot of moves. You would have blast with so amazing peoples that you could have never thought back home.
4. Travel: Well, in my 100 days in France I could travel 10 countries and that too as an traveller. I travelled with so many people that it was always party where ever we went. No travel is as fun, elaborate, life touching as the one with your Erasmus friends.  
5. Community: the community that you build after meeting people from 30+ nations is priceless. They are everywhere in the world and would help you anytime if you need any particular help. You can travel rest of your life around the world with someone to greet you anywhere. 

So in this blog I would talk about Food.

My favourite: French Dinner with my French friends Ninon, Geoffrey and Camille. 

I had eaten Italian food at a fancy restaurants back home. I am addicted to Fast food chains of American culture, for me this was the cuisine of Western World. For me Indian food was best. I went to France with literally taking 1 KG of Indian spices with me. I knew I would need them a lot.

So when First day I went to a restaurant with my friends I ordered Spicy Chicken (they could not understand spicy chicken). When I tasted it, I felt it missed my spices so I put my hand into the pocket and took several sachets of Indian Spices. I trend the chicken red with chili powder. My friends had a laugh riot watching this but I felt, I am in trouble here, "How could I survive without food". But then certainly my Chinese friend asked me to try her cuisine. 

So the trend of mass cooking started. We decided to cook and invite everyone once a week. We started with Chinese then we continued with Hungarian, Polish, Czech, Bulgarian, Mexican, Indian (2 times), and many more along with the mother of all cuisine "French Cuisine." 

The Chinese delight, our friend Joycee made 9 dishes from Chinese Cuisine for us. Love you Joycee :)

Want to try some Polish food? Our Friends Ewa and Agata were good host. Seen here Agata preparing the food.

There is always fun eating this way, not only you socialise with people, you could also learn some quick recipes and try it with your family, friends and Girlfriend/boyfriend back home. These parties made us feel like a family. like this one at Bulgarian dinner cooked by my Friend Mira, it was a joint effort by the whole team to prepare the table. You can check pics. 

This group dinner was the best things that we could decide to do. Through this we:

We saw people crying after eating Indian food. 
We saw people playing with chopsticks while eating Chinese.
People gossipping over Mexican food.
Some trying to wash dishes together or some making fun of cooking. 

The list continues with other numerous dinners. But the biggest one was when we decided to cook all cuisines on the last day and we had Australian, Spanish, Mexican, Austrian, Hungarian etc cuisines on the single table. This is what Erasmus is all about. Erasmus means love, peace, mutual sharing. culture etc. 

Our last day with the Grand Dinner. Haha Sheila having most fun here.

I could add more pictures to this beautiful album but I would stop here. I hope you all would not miss the opportunity of community dinner. Believe me you would have so much fun and so much to learn. Never skip them. Don't be a boring, self centered person who eats only at restaurants. 

Always give compliments to your host. He/She may not be best cook in the World but their efforts are hones and compliments would make them feel happy. 

Sooner I would come up with a post on Dance. Till then Ciao, Bye Bye, A bientot, auf wiedersehen, see you soon.

P.S: Please do not use any of my material without giving me some credit. It would be a big help from your side.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Bienvenue à Dijon!!!

Welcome to Dijon- First day 

In my last blog I did not mentioned about my admission to new residence, but I would take you to that route now. 

Registering at the CROUS Office for the Residence Room:
Nom: Nathawat
Prénom: Chandrabhan Singh

Lady: d'accord
From my room window in Afternoon
From my room Window

Logment Chalon 
My Room

Logement (Building): Chalon
Residence: Residence Manasart
Chambre (Room): 115
So finally I had a room to live in this beautiful city of Dijon, also known for Mutard or Mustard and Wine. We had to return in morning again to pay our rent and some formalities. 
The price for the Residence room was 200 Euros It was cheapest available option and I ike my room.

For more information on CROUS Residence,you can visit:

For information on life in Dijon, Food, Places to visit, Residence houses,Clubs, Bars, Pub etc please visit:

The residence have basic bathroom and kitchen amenities. You need to share them with 20 other rooms. Kitchen has one Fridge locker, small dining table, 2 burners , one microwave and sink with hot and cold water. 

The best thing about exchange is that you learn something that you never did in your life.I started cooking and shared it with many friends, neighbors here. Would cover in sometime soon. Till then bbye